Friday 4 March 2022

More progress on the Dales

Work to clear and widen the path from the Oldfield Road entrance up to and beyond the granite bench has continued, giving great views across the estuary and across the heathland on the inland side. Access for equipment is much improved – the Wirral Council Land Rover and trailer can now get much further  - and disposing of cut material has been carried out locally using the portable burning platform – saving a huge amount of time and labour compared to moving it all back to the Ranger’s Cottage. In addition, the Ranger team based at Thurstaston works flexibly and can concentrate its Dales’ work on particular days, especially volunteering sessions on Wednesdays. The result? Lots of progress. Go and have a look – and there’s still plenty of work for volunteers if you would like some first class Green Gym: call Ranger Chris Werney on 07767 474478. 

What else? Our appeal for funds for the planned Dales lectern has gone out to our members, but if you’re not a member and would like to donate please let us know:

The recent storms have done little damage (Arwen cleared out the more vulnerable trees) but dog dirt remains a problem as does an outbreak of wild camping (leaving a huge mess) near the Rock Face round the corner from the Piper’s Lane entrance.  If you see anything please let the Ranger know.

But spring is now near – just listen to the birdsong. How many species can you recognise?