Thursday 24 November 2022

New Dales map released

An updated Dales map now available via the Friends of Heswall Dales web site (go to the "Your Visit" tab) or via the QR codes at the entrances. The maps shown in notice boards will be replaced with the new version  shortly.

The changes are;

1. The Paddock and Birch Steps have been added as features. 
2. The path up to the Birch Steps is more detailed and now turns at the new Birch Steps. 
3. The horse route is now marked with longer "dashes" and extends all the way to Bush Way 
4. There are new information points (which you can access on your phone or laptop by clicking on the symbol) at Dale Farm, Turtle's Head, The Paddock, the Heswall Society Bench and the Birch Steps. 

If you can think of further features in the map that would help with your visit, please let us know.