Thursday 10 June 2021

Interactive map of Heswall Dales

We've recently completed a major update of the walking map of the Dales. Visitors can now use the map on their phone or tablet during their walk and touch/click the online information points to help locate features of the North Wales coastline, to learn more about the local flora or use the pictures and birdsong to help identify birds that they have spotted on the Dales.  To access and download the map go to the "Your Visit" section on this website and follow the instructions to the link. We have included the QR code that gives direct access to the map in the Dales notice boards (including the new notice board at Bushway) and we have now placed QR codes at all the various entrances. These allow downloads to phones or tablets directly. 
Please let us know your experiences of using the new map and how it might be improved/added to in the future via