Monday, 4 February 2019

Members task day

Thanks to all who made the Friends members task day on Saturday 2nd February such a success. We were working on the panel near Dale Farm which is now set aside for Friends task days and made a great start in clearing the birch and gorse - giving the heather and bilberry (and all the creatures that live in them) a much better chance for spring growth. Thanks especially to the Rangers (Dan and Alan) who gave up their Saturday morning to supervise the work.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Wirral Parks Forum

The Wirral Parks Forum  web-site is now up and running: the Forum acts to bring together the various Friends groups across Wirral's green spaces and represent their views to Wirral Council. We will be attending the next meeting on 20th Feb.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Friends of Heswall Dales Facebook Page

The Friends of Heswall Dales Facebook page has been launched! It provides news and updates about the Dales, lets everyone know what the Friends are doing, and publicises any upcoming events. Follow the link above, or look for '@friendsofheswalldales' on Facebook.
This new page helps us to promote the Dales to a much wider audience and to show Heswall Dales as a great place to visit including content of visitor experiences, and interesting information about the plants, birds, animals and features of the Dales….like the Turtle’s Head.  

It is also a great forum where you can let us know your views, and  help to promote the Dales by sharing your photos and experiences – even if it just by 'checking in' to let people know you have visited.

If you are not on Facebook don't worry: we will still be sending out our newsletters via the website and by email – but it might be worth a look – and if you have ideas or thoughts on how we can improve the Facebook page, or how to reach a wider audience - please contact Alistair has recently joined the Friends committee and looks after our comms and publicity.

Friday, 9 November 2018

November Newsletter

The November Newsletter is available on the web-site.  Please pass it on anyone who is interested in the Dales and all the flora and fauna which live there. (This time of year is particularly good for fungi.)

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Heswall Dales Open Day 15th September - The Treasures of the Dales

On 15th September the Committee of the Friends of Heswall Dales with the help of the Ranger held an open day on Heswall Dales with the theme ‘Treasures of the Dales’.  Our aim was to attract more visitors to the Dales by helping people to appreciate the many interesting features of this local nature reserve, including its lovely views, and diverse flora and fauna.   Committee members and other volunteers were on hand to guide people around the site and point out the various natural treasures which are found there - we also produced a walkers map and a range of display boards with supporting information. Dale Farm provided light refreshments and access to their loos.  
Thanks to all those who joined us on the day - we've had some excellent feedback and will look to set up something in the spring next year - and thanks to the Ranger and to Dale Farm for their support.